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When ambition meets sweetness, Sweetitious was born! We are the home of the famous Cookie Butter cheesecake that started it all! Sweetitious is a home based bakery that caters to sweet tooth cravings to all types of diets and ages. We offer a wide array of delectable cheesecake flavours which include organic and seasonal fruits, exclusive chocolates, farm fresh eggs, fresh whipped cream and Madagascar vanilla bean.

Our chef, Rabia Zamir, works hard through the day caring for her baby girl, once she falls asleep it’s SHOW TIME!

Precisely measured ingredients equate to consistently velvety smooth cheesecakes with the perfect amount of crunch every time that just melt our mouth. Rabia’s goal in baking is to take her sweet time to deliver the best to your taste buds, because perfection cannot be rushed.

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The final texture of sugar candy depends primarily on the sugar concentration. As the syrup is heated, it boils, water evaporates, the sugar concentration increases

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